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“Dean doesn’t just know how to build a companies PROFITS but knows how to build a CULTURE.

With what I learned there I was able to take to my next career and KEEP GROWING and succeeding.

I learned things from Dean that not only increased my BUSINESS SUCCESS but helped me in life.

Jim Holdridge – Sales Executive, Regional Director

“You will get rid of day to day worrying. You’ll have a DIRECTION.

You’ll have a plan for the FUTURE and know where you’re going. You will know how to get there.

And you can focus on THAT instead of all of the day to day stuff.”

Lisa – Entrepreneur; Community Leader

“In my opinion his understanding of people interaction is far ABOVE AND BEYOND any training I have ever encountered.

He provided ONE OF THE BEST business environments I have EVER been exposed to in the industry.”

Jim Holdridge – Sales Executive, Regional Director

“Without you I would not be where I am today. I now have a business to run and people I am responsible to LEAD.

I find myself helping them in the same way you helped me, using the words you said to me to help them get what THEY WANT.

One day, I want to be a part of what EPOCH is doing in the world. It has changed my LIFE, my WORK, and my DESTINY.”

Chris Bruns – Co-owner Delaware Express