Masterminds are THE number one COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE businesses have.

By sharing ideas, tactics and strategies, those who participate in group blue collar service business mentorship are winning against the ‘lone ranger’ entrepreneurs.

Simply put, we are better together.

Man Taking Part in Webinar | Blue Collar Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

Our GROUP COACHING PROGRAMS provide you with the opportunity to delve into key challenges alongside other business owners and to make mindset shifts that enable high performance ACROSS THE BOARD.

Give yourself permission to dream BIG.

If you’ve been playing small, you’ve been staying small – and you know you’re capable of SO MUCH MORE.

Man Taking Part in Webinar | Blue Collar Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

GROUP COACHING is for YOU if you…

learn best through STORIES and conversations

want to walk the path to SUCCESS with a COMMUNITY of like-minded business owners

are interested in MASTERMIND-LIKE discussions that will help you BREAK FREE from INTERNAL and EXTERNAL blocks

Are ready to adopt new perspectives that help you view your BUSINESS and PURPOSE through a NEW, CLEARER LENS.


“EPOCH taught me not only how to be great with people, but help THEM be great.
I was very self-sufficient, and now my people are self sufficient. They’ve got GRIT, they’ve got PERSEVERANCE, they are GROWING independently.
They make EVERYTHING we do better. They make ME better.”
Lisa – Entrepreneur; Community Leader

About OUr Team

DEAN WILKINSON is a blue collar entrepreneur who has built, and sold several MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR home service companies and designed a franchise system with over 100 LOCATIONS - and he continues to run a successful business today.

His EXCEPTIONAL group facilitation experience helps unleash HONEST and OPEN conversations that help all involved to gain new insights and REACH THEIR POTENTIAL.

LISA FARLEY moved from the fitness world where everything is focused around EDUCATION and TRAINING to the door industry where it was not, and in growing a FAMILY RUN BUSINESS, Lisa took the initiative and focused on team development to unlock high performance, taking her business from small scale to SEVEN FIGURES and GROWING!

ALYSSA WILKINSON has played an integral part on the EPOCH GROWTH STORY and having led teams of up to 800 PEOPLE during her career so far, her talents lie in leveraging HIGH LEVEL PERFORMANCE and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODELS.

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