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‘The 3 questions you need to answer to run your successful home service business’

As a home service provider, you’ve mastered your craft.

You know your business has the potential to grow, but running your own business brings a whole heap of new challenges into your world, making it tough to get to the point where:

You have a consistent stream of new ‘ready to purchase’ customers

Your team is delivering exceptional customer experiences every time

Your revenue & cashflow is predictable & ever-growing

You’re able to hire and retain the best talent

you’re being fueled by passion and working on purpose

You have more time to do what you love while the business runs itself

You’ve seen the ads for all the business experts who can supposedly offer you success strategies… but, YOU KNOW that they don’t understand the specific challenges of running a blue collar business like yours.

It leaves you wondering if there’s anyone who can GENUINELY HELP YOU to grow your business and REACH YOUR POTENTIAL.

You need someone to meet you where you’re at with your business right now – so YOU CAN GROW from there.

Welcome to Epoch

Achieve business growth from the inside out.

Nurture and inspire your people to care for your business as much as you do.

We’re proud to have over 35 YEARS of experience in the trades, and a hugely successful track record in building multi-million dollar MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR trades businesses and franchises.

Our combination of industry knowledge and mentoring expertise is a powerful and proven recipe for BUSINESS SUCCESS!

Transform your business and life

The Epoch Way.

“Dean doesn’t just know how to build a companies PROFITS but knows how to build a CULTURE.

With what I learned there I was able to take to my next career and KEEP GROWING and succeeding.

I learned things from Dean that not only increased my business success but helped me in life.”

Jim Holdridge – Sales Executive, Regional Director

The 3 questions you need to answer to run your successful home service business

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