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In business events, tradespeople and those who own and operate home services businesses are often overlooked…

… yet these are the people who are brimming with potential and actively seeking solutions to support them in their business growth journey.

If you’re a home service business owner, looking for speakers and trainers to help MOTIVATE and INSPIRE their teams, it can feel impossible to find someone who can really connect, who’s walked the walk and who can genuinely add value to your team and your business!

The EPOCH team are highly skilled and experienced presenters who can add huge value to the blue collar business owner by helping them understand how to create future success with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

We empower the individual to THINK differently, WORK differently, and LEAD differently so that they can carve their own path to SUCCESS.

We love connecting with groups both LARGE and SMALL and can speak on a wide range of topics including:

team dynamics

Hiring & Retaining A-List Team Members

Skillset, Mindset, Heartset

The 3 Key Ingredients in the Recipe for Success

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Why Accelerated Business Growth Happens from the Inside Out

Our mission is to help more blue collar business owners achieve their potential for success and abundance, not just in business, but in life by helping them to become better leaders and working with their teams to uplevel the business from within.

“In my opinion his UNDERSTANDING of people interaction is far ABOVE AND BEYOND any training I have EVER encountered.

He provided ONE OF THE BEST OF THE BEST business environments I have EVER been exposed to in the industry.”

Jim Holdridge – Sales Executive, Regional Director

Our Speakers

DEAN WILKINSON is a blue collar entrepreneur who has built, and sold several MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR home service companies and designed a franchise system with over 100 LOCATIONS - and he continues to run a successful business today.

His EXCEPTIONAL group facilitation experience helps unleash HONEST and OPEN conversations that help all involved to gain new insights and REACH THEIR POTENTIAL.

LISA FARLEY moved from the fitness world where everything is focused around EDUCATION and TRAINING to the door industry where it was not, and in growing a FAMILY RUN BUSINESS, Lisa took the initiative and focused on team development to unlock high performance, taking her business from small scale to SEVEN FIGURES and GROWING!

ALYSSA WILKINSON has played an integral part on the EPOCH GROWTH STORY and having led teams of up to 800 PEOPLE during her career so far, her talents lie in leveraging HIGH LEVEL PERFORMANCE and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODELS.

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