Unlock your true potential.

Realize your success.

It’s a myth that the only reason someone sets up a business is to make money

Sure, it’s a pretty high priority, but flexibility, empowerment, lifestyle, and freedom are the true goals.

Money simply amplifies your purpose.

But there are always roadblocks and hurdles to face…

Never having enough time


Too many competing priorities

Cash Flow Challenges

RECRUITING and building a high performing team

… so suddenly all of those goals you set yourself

feel out of reach.

If you’re ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL, you need to do things DIFFERENTLY to how you’ve been doing them.

“You will get rid of day to day worrying. You’ll have a DIRECTION.

You’ll have a plan for the FUTURE and know where you’re going. You will know how to get there.

And you can focus on that instead of all of the day to day stuff.”

Lisa – Entrepreneur; Community Leader

THE EPOCH WAY is a system designed to take you through these steps in a way that will EMPOWER you to:

Think Differently

Work Differently

Lead Differently

And the RESULT will speak for itself.

Carpenter Building Roof | Home Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

Is business mentoring right for me?

Blue collar entrepreneurs often place the blame for lack of business growth on their systems and processes, cashflow management, their people, their marketing…
and, yes, these are all contributing factors

(which we’ll help you with through our MEMBERSHIP).


It’s the powerful combination of MINDSET, HEARTSET and SKILLSET that creates the absolute sweet spot when it comes to being truly successful in everything you do!

And that powerful combination is The Epoch Way.

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Is Blue Collar Service Business Mentorship Worth It?

Well, Forbes certainly thinks so!

MORE THAN 85% of business coaching and mentoring clients they surveyed confirmed that the positive financial benefit far exceeded their investment, with 70% reporting an improvement in their work performance and communication skills – which are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to success in your industry.

BUT… you need someone who knows what they’re talking about to help you get those kinds of results.

Someone who has been there and done it, has the experience and expertise, and understands your business on a deeper level. 

Someone you can TRUST.

And someone that genuinely wants to see your BUSINESS SOAR.

Internal Small Group Training | Blue Collar Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

“In my opinion his understanding of people interaction is far ABOVE AND BEYOND any training I have ever encountered.

He provided ONE OF THE BEST business environments I have EVER been exposed to in the industry.”

Jim Holdridge – Sales Executive, Regional Director

Why choose Epoch?

Because being a BLUE COLLAR entrepreneur is entirely different from being a WHITE COLLAR one.

It’s vital to seek support from someone who has succeeded, and continues to succeed in your industry to empower you to focus less on success, more on perspective.

At Epoch you have the rare opportunity to be supported by a DREAM TEAM of experts in your field:

Dean Wilkinson | Blue Collar Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

DEAN WILKINSON is a blue collar entrepreneur who has built, and sold several MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR home service companies and designed a franchise system with over 100 LOCATIONS – and he continues to run a successful business today.

His EXCEPTIONAL group facilitation experience helps unleash HONEST and OPEN conversations that help all involved to gain new insights and REACH THEIR POTENTIAL.

Lisa Cropped | Home Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

LISA FARLEY moved from the fitness world where everything is focused around EDUCATION and TRAINING to the door industry where it was not, and in growing a FAMILY RUN BUSINESS, Lisa took the initiative and focused on team development to unlock high performance, taking her business from small scale to SEVEN FIGURES and GROWING!

Lisa Cropped | Home Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work
Alyssa Wilkinson | Home Service Business Mentorship | Epoch Work

ALYSSA WILKINSON has played an integral part on the EPOCH GROWTH STORY and having led teams of up to 800 PEOPLE during her career so far, her talents lie in leveraging HIGH LEVEL PERFORMANCE and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODELS.

WE ARE READY to help you BREAK THROUGH THE BARRIERS keeping you stuck so that you can move forward on your path to SUCCESS, FREEDOM, and PROSPERITY.

All the while you’ll GROW, DEVELOP and EMPOWER your team. We’ll support you and your team to develop a HIGH PERFORMANCE approach so that your workplace becomes a GROWTH SPACE.

Our unique approach, ‘THE EPOCH WAY’, combines MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL intelligences to provide MEANING to your life, ENERGIZE your progress and keep you ON  TRACK to fulfill your DESTINY.
Regardless of your AGE OR STAGE of your business you can achieve ABUNDANCE and PROSPER in EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.

Our POWERFUL BLEND of experience, INSIGHT, and mentoring expertise means we bring our knowledge to support you whilst recognizing that EVERY JOURNEY is different, and never assuming yours is like ours.

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